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By: Fatima Shezhad

London Dreams

London Dreams brings to you a unique collection with a specific sense of place and purpose, in which modest and rich materials are combined with respect for tradition.  We bring to life objects in exquisite environment, carrying and then leaving behind a legacy of tangible and intangible attributes.

Fatima Shehzad

The heart of London Dreams and head of creation, goes back as far possible in search for inspirational elements in a dialog between her cosmopolitan soul and her artisan essence.

The Journey

London Dreams

- our craft -

A community of artisans, who produce some of Asia's finest wood carving the age-old craft, a practice embarking on the verge of near extinction. With this predicament in the mind London Dreams began as a simple dream, to make the lives behind handmade furniture and give every opportunity to the live and work with dignity. Our goal is to bring positive sustainable change in lives of artisanal communities, to provide a life of happiness and dignity.


We focus on improving well-being of artisans and their communities by providing access to various socio-economic benefits. Through social development, we seek to ensure basic facilities, especially for those with bare minimal resources. 


We also dedicated to raising awareness and expanding the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices across the handmade furniture industry.