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Indulgence Leather

The Journey of leather products curation was founded with a mission to provide unique, hand-crafted, high-design items from around the world into the marketplace.

By: Nusrat Salim Godil

Nusrat Salim

Her manufacturing and designing background in the leather industry from Africa, gave birth to the brand Indulgence. The brand strives to deliver a piece of history and meaningful interest to each and every product it sells. Her love for leather and all it’s natural marks and blemishes add individual character to each piece she makes. She prides herself on achieving that weathered, “brought down from the attic” look that she has so distinctly managed to encapsulate in all her pieces. The most distinct feature about her design is that although “inspired, it can never be categorized as belonging to a certain style or period.” Her sensibility shines through everything she designs, making almost everyone that walks through her collection with a smile.


Accent Furniture


Bar & Accessories

Designing a home exactly as what one imagines is not everyone's cup of tea. It  requires a creative eye to convert the imagination into reality. Many elements are needed to  decorate a space, accent furniture is one of those.

The brand is a specialist in providing luxury leather bar & cabinets. The  collection includes comfortable chair and bar cabinets made from quality leather, Metal &Wood.


Tabletop Products


Hospitality & Giftware

A desktop is incomplete without any tabletop accessories. Our selection of  accessories to keep all things uncluttered and within easy reach.

Get a perfect range for your hotel that will complement the aesthetics of all rooms and a collection which is timeless and can be part of gift for any occasion.

A Curation of Leather Class Apart

The primary vision of Indulgence is to add zest to your home with the inclusion of stand-alone pieces.
"Leather to me  is an amazing raw material. I love working with the marks and  blemishes that add to the individual character of each piece I make or curate"
- Nusrat Salim